"Signals" Continued

Stock Trend Spotter™ assesses the overall market each business day and includes its assessment in every Buy signal.

In addition, Stock Trend Spotter™ issues Buy Again and Reset Stop Loss Signals for stocks that were previously signaled and continue to perform well. And, of course, it will issue any Sell signals that were identified in the Analyze phase.

The maximum number of stocks that Stock Trend Spotter™ will signal for New Buys in a single day is 5, regardless of how many may have met the selection criteria*. It will issue as many Buy Again, Reset Stop Loss and Sell Signals as identified in the Analyze phase. For more on the daily 5 Buy Signal limit, see “Follows”.

*If you are looking for information on Every trending stock, of which there may be many hundreds, see our sister site, Trending Stocks.Net.