FAQ Category: Models

Do you plan to introduce any more Model/Strategy?

We introduced the Broad Market Strategy in July of 2014. There are currently Two Strategies available and we have no plans to introduce a Third Strategy in this category.   We are however ready to introduce Three New Strategies in the 1st quarter of 2018 that will apply our trending strategies to three of the major Indexes (S&P 500 – SPY, NASDAQ – QQQ, Russell 2000 – IMW.

Can I change Models/Strategies?

Sure. Simply send an e-mail request to Support@stocktrendspotter.com. We will notify you by e-mail when the change is effective. We suggest that you consider selling all of your positions in the current Strategy that you subscribe to since you will no longer be receiving Sell signals for the old Strategy.

Can I have more than one Model/Strategy at the same time?

Yes.  But you will have to register with a different e-mail address to sign up for the new model/strategy and you will have to pay a second subscription fee.