"Analyze" Continued

On any given day there are literally hundreds of stocks that meet someone’s definition of trending.  The challenge is isolating the “trending” stocks that have the best potential to continue to perform and generate profits for investors.   Stock Trend Spotter™ has analyzed years of historical data looking for those indicators which, when applied in a consistent fashion, offer the best potential to deliver superior returns while managing risk.  Stock Trend Spotter has developed a series of proprietary formulas that evaluate, analyze and score those performance indicators to identify those stocks that have the best potential to continue to perform.

Since there are no guarantees that the currently performing stocks will continue to perform, Stock Trend Spotter™ uses another set of formulas to determine a conservative share position and a prudent stop loss adjustment that when applied to the purchase price could limit the investor’s risk.   Remember, small losses are part of the game.  Big losses will take you out of the game. Stock Trend Spotter™’s conservative stock positions and your use of stop loss orders reduces the potential for big losses. Stock Trend Spotter has demonstrated through years of back testing and actual performance since 2013 that the consistent application of these rules can generate results that exceed the performance of the S&P 500.