Strong Claim...But accurate. No buy and hold strategies; no isolation of investments in a single industry; no investments without managing the downside. Stock Trend Spotter™, the provider of information on top trending stocks, takes a time-tested strategy - trend analysis, applies its proprietary algorithms to determine which stocks offer the best opportunities, helps the investor manage the risk of large losses through the calculation of prudent stop loss orders and highlighting diversification to provide further risk management.

We do the analysis, determine the trending stocks and follow each selection diligently to optimize their value. While knowing when to buy is important, knowing when to sell is critical. Stock Trend Spotter, signals both buys and sells. We do the work, you get the results.    

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 We Do The Hard Work

You Get The Results

Why Stock Trend Spotter?


"Stock Trend Spotter’s

risk-adjusted approach to trend analysis

has become a big part of my investment strategy.

I can enjoy the process and don’t have to worry."   

                                                                               Jim (Michigan)




Everyday, Stock Trend Spotter analyzes over 8,000 stocks on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges.  It evaluates the overall condition of the market and identifies the stocks that meet its proprietary Performance Criteria.

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If the overall market conditions are favorable, Stock Trend Spotter™ evaluates the results of the Analysis phase and issues Buy Signals for the top 5 performing stocks.  It calculates 1- A Conservative Share Positions, 2- A Prudent Stop Loss Adjustments,  based on Volatility, and 3- An Assessment of the Trend Strength, for each stock signaled. 

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Stock Trend Spotter™ continues to follow every open signal.  If the stock performs well, it will issue up to 2 Buy Again signals.  After the second Buy Again signal, it will only issue Reset Stop Loss signals to help you lock in profits and limit your risk. Eventually, it will issue a Sell signal.

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Knowing When to BUY is


Knowing When to SELL is



While Trend Following is a well known and proven approach to investing we wanted to demonstrate to our subscribers that the approach developed at Stock Trend Spotter is a very effective implementation of the Trend Following concept.  To that end, we built our equivalent of a software "robo" investor.   Our "robo" investor began trading on Jan 2, 2013 with a portfolio of $100,000.   It has followed the Stock Trend Spotter signals and acted on them faithfully ever since.   The "robo" investor has been averaging almost 15% annual.  Click below to check the results to date.   Remember, the "robo" investor is simply acting based on the trend.  It has not access to or sense of the global economy, the US economy, market sentiment, or the political situation.   It simply follows the rules without emotion.   If you add a little or your own insight and judgement, we're confident that you can do even better.  Here is where we have to remind you that "past performance is not an indication of future performance".  We think you probably already know that.

“I like their philosophy.....  invest in Performing Stocks; 

ride your winners & cut your losses;

 always use stops so you don’t have to worry.    

It works for me!”

                                                                                                                                            Kris (Illinois)

"With Stock Trend Spotter, I’m in control . . .

it does the hard work every day to identify performing stocks,

but I make the final investment decision; . . .

and just one low fee regardless of the size of my portfolio.”

                                                                                                                                            Todd (Florida)

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